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The mesmerizing eccentricity of Pepe Deluxé

May 13, 2012

Pepe Deluxé

Never have I so completely and instantly fallen in love with such a weird album.

This record sounds as if the creators time-traveled back to the 60s, wrestled a funky rocket away from a James Bond villain, took it to a psychedelic new planet and then bartered for inspiration with a tribe of aliens. I guess. It is one of the boldest records I have heard all year, combining heavy hip-hop inspired breakbeat drums with orchestral swells and bells, and I think the sounds come off remarkably well, if not entertainingly larger-than-life at times.

This group hails from Helsinki, Finland of all places, and though they have been around since the mid 90s, they are just now gaining favour with international audiences, since recently being signed with Asthmatic Kitty Records.


Album Update: Right Away, Great Captain! – The Church of the Good Thief

May 8, 2012

It has been a couple months since anyone has heard anything about Right Away, Great Captain!’s album, The Church of the Good Thief, but today, courtesy of Property of Zach, comes a wealth of information:

The album will be available in digital formats through all major digital retailers and as part of a 4xLP vinyl set that includes all three albums in the trilogy. A collection of unreleased songs, demos, and outtakes titled The Lost Sea will also be available as part of the deluxe pre-order package.

Also included in the post is a stream of the first track as well as the tracklist for the album.

The song, “Blame”, is the opening track on the album and isn’t it amazing! I would go so far as to say that this album is one of the most anticipated albums of the year for me and this track helps to solidify my opinion that this album will be truly a great ending to the Right Away, Great Captain! trilogy of albums. Andy Hull is really out-doing himself this time!

Be sure to check out the whole post here and listing to that great track here.

The Church of the Good Thief will be released on June 12th, 2012 on Favorite Gentlemen Recordings.

Coachella 2012

April 27, 2012

Exactly a week ago now I was at Coachella, soaking up the sun and the over 100 degree temperatures, getting ready to rock out to Neon Indian. While the lineup of this year’s Coachella seemed weaker than the past Coachellas I have gone to, it proved to be one of the most enjoyable weekends and one of the best Coachellas ever. What follows in the post is a selection of my most mediocre photos taken of some of the best bands from this festival. Enjoy! Read more…

What gives, Coachella?

April 13, 2012

To festively honor the opening day of this now double-weekend event, I’m going to post a minor complaint that I’ve had since January.

crazy nonsense
Maybe it is because the past two years of this festival have been beyond beyond beyond my wildest imagination as far as lineup is concerned, and maybe it has to do with all of the speculations and rumors about who would play this year, but I am pretty disappointed that many bands (I thought were “guaranteed” to be there) are not there.

The list I have compiled are all bands which are either:
a) really hot right now
b) have new music out
c) are touring
d) are play at all of the other festivals
e) all of the the above

So now I present to you, NOT playing Coachella this year:

Fleet Foxes

Wilco (for some reason I was convinced they would be there, which is the only reason I didn’t see them in January!)

The Naked and Famous

The War on Drugs

Jack White

Sigur Rós

The grand and many-time grammy winning Foo Fighters

No Doubt (they were heavily speculated, but I personally don’t care that they aren’t there)

Black Sabbath (also heavily speculated)

Daft Punk (speculated every single year)

Washed Out

Foster the People (I know they were there last year, but Coachella is famous for repeats!)


The Antlers

Blink-182 (only because they’ve been appearing at


Death Cab for Cutie

Sufjan Stevens (yeah, that’s just a personal fantasy of mine, not sure if that would ever really happen.)

But really, quite a shock none of these artists will appear this year, at least in my opinion.

Have more artists you think should have been there this year?
Want to complain about anything, even if it’s totally unrelated? Say so in the comments!

Coachella Set Times Released

April 11, 2012

Here are the set times. Do you see any potential conflicts with this schedule? To be honest, I see this schedule favoring my tastes nicely. How about you?

Can you feel the Winter War?

April 4, 2012

Here at Friend of Mine, we often discuss new, popular music, but I have always had a secret love for independent musical ventures as well.

While “indie” is not often something that a stadium full of people will sing along to, it remains a soft, honest medium that so clearly speaks to my heart.

So now I present to you with this: Winter War EP by Allison Barnes

It immediately strikes me as simple (yet subtly complex), humble, honest and beautiful, clearly heartfelt, poetic and enjoyable to listen to. It manages to be real without being “edgy”, soft without being “cutesy”; a truly wonderful combination. I think “Husband” is presently one of my favourite tracks.
We all feared (or at least I did 100 times over) that Allison was done with music when she took a hiatus a few years ago, but now she is back and more lovely than ever.

So check out her bandcamp site!

(Bandcamp, by the way, is a fabulous place for many musicians and projects. Spend some time surfing around there and you will not regret it!)

Album Update: Sigur Rós – Valtari

March 25, 2012

Everyone! Sigur Rós has finished a new album! It will be released on May 28th. There’s not really more to say about this other than the tracklist is below. Enjoy!

1. Ég Anda
2. Ekki Múkk
3. Varúð
4. Rembihnútur
5. Dauðalogn
6. Varðeldur
7. Valtari