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Can you feel the Winter War?

April 4, 2012

Here at Friend of Mine, we often discuss new, popular music, but I have always had a secret love for independent musical ventures as well.

While “indie” is not often something that a stadium full of people will sing along to, it remains a soft, honest medium that so clearly speaks to my heart.

So now I present to you with this: Winter War EP by Allison Barnes

It immediately strikes me as simple (yet subtly complex), humble, honest and beautiful, clearly heartfelt, poetic and enjoyable to listen to. It manages to be real without being “edgy”, soft without being “cutesy”; a truly wonderful combination. I think “Husband” is presently one of my favourite tracks.
We all feared (or at least I did 100 times over) that Allison was done with music when she took a hiatus a few years ago, but now she is back and more lovely than ever.

So check out her bandcamp site!

(Bandcamp, by the way, is a fabulous place for many musicians and projects. Spend some time surfing around there and you will not regret it!)

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