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Sufjan Stevens and Rosie Thomas – “Where Were You?”

March 8, 2012

I’m high as a rooftop now! – Sufjan Stevens

It seems that Sufjan Stevens has been far busier in the past year than I would have given him credit for. After his phenomenal Age of Adz tour in the last couple years, it seemed he was taking a well deserved rest. But, it appears this is not the case, as not one, but two songs with Sufjan’s unique handiwork appear, much to my delight. The first, a collaboration, was already put on this blog and listened to many times by yours truly. And now comes another song, this time with Rosie Thomas, which is a whimisical piece not that far removed from The Age of Adz, especially the last song and masterpiece, “Impossible Soul”. Thomas had previously recorded this track as part of her full length With Love (the song was titled “Where Was I?”), but here it is re-imagined with Sufjan himself. The track is below for your listening pleasure, and now I am sure we all wait with baited breath to what Sufjan will be a part of next. He has done folk, pop, rock, classical, hip hop… Only time will tell what his next work will be.

“Where Were You?” by Sufjan Stevens and Rosie Thomas

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  1. March 11, 2012 4:36 PM

    poop on the face

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