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White Rabbits – Milk Famous

March 7, 2012

The kind of music a fan loves to hear.

My first interaction with anything related to White Rabbits was a concert I went to in 2009. The Holiday Hootenanny presented by FM 94.9 is still, to this day, what I consider to be the greatest single concert I have ever gone to. I knew about every band playing, from White Rabbits, Manchester Orchestra, Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, to Spoon. It was the perfect blend of similar genred bands all under the same roof. To me, it was heaven. And, it was also a really good introduction to the live sounds of all of the bands, to mixed results (Manchester Orchestra, I’m looking at you…). I remember leaving really impressed with White Rabbits, going home and listening to their previous records, Fort Nightly and It’s Frightening. It was then I fell in love with their loose, free flowing form of rock and roll, and now it comes to this, their newest album, Milk Famous.

Milk Famous opens with the first track that White Rabbits released online: “Heavy Metal”. This track is distinctive and classic White Rabbits, yet still showing growth. This record could be their perfect statement on what their style of music is. Their first album, Fort Nightly, may have lean a little too far into experimental time signatures and interesting sounds, while the follow up to that may have suffered from being too easily accessible, and therefore, more boring. I know this is a hard concept to understand, but one typically doesn’t want a band they enjoy to play things to easily. The listener should desire to hear the band make growth, even challenging growth at that. Milk Famous  succeeds in this regard.

This album is fun. Completely and happily. With pounding piano notes matching the tempo of a drum beat, this record easily sets the foot tapping along. It keeps this energy through the second track of the album, “I’m Not Me”, with a song that invokes a band like Delta Spirit at their best. This album shows a rock and roll outfit playing a roaring bar scene, with an animalistic energy and bombastic songs. It’s Frightening, their second effort, had the distinction of being produced by a certain man named Britt Daniels, who you may recognize as the man behind the band Spoon. Every lesson that he taught them for that record they happily incorporate into their own work without just becoming Spoon Jr. I could see this album becoming the staple of many a road trip, with its music perfectly complimenting a drive through the country.

This is the kind of music a fan loves to hear. It is interesting throughout, without any dull moments. White Rabbits leads listeners on a journey that showcases the best of their songwriting ability. With clever music experimentation and a clear progression made between every album they produce, White Rabbits continues to go above and beyond expectations. An easily recommended work for anyone who is willing to challenge themselves with pop music.

“Heavy Metal” by White Rabbits

Milk Famous came out on 3/6/2012 on TBD Records. Buy it here or here.

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