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Album Update: Right Away, Great Captain! – The Church of the Good Thief

February 12, 2012

A little more than two years ago I posted something about a new album from Right Away, Great Captain! titled The Big Bad Devil and the Great Good God. Well, it is safe to say that whatever that album was is gone, and from those ashes come a new title, The Church of the Good Thief, and (maybe) new songs. Right Away, Great Captain! is the side project of Andy Hull, the lead singer from the band Manchester Orchestra. Contrary to the hard rocking nature of Manchester Orchestra, Right Away, Great Captain!’s work is more inclined to be simpler, with just Hull’s lyrics and an acoustic guitar. Up until this point, through the albums The Bitter End and The Eventually Home, Hull has been telling the story of a sailor coming home to find that not everything has stayed frozen in time, and there are a lot of issues he needs to confront, such as an unfaithful wife. I find this work to be quite great, and I think, given the chance, you will find much to love also. There hasn’t been an official date given for when The Church of the Good Theif will be released, but it is safe to say that the album will officially drop in 2012 (hopefully). Check back here for further updates and check out Hull’s blog for a track from the album.

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