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My Top 100 Tracks of 2011

January 9, 2012

It’s always nice to begin a tradition, especially one that offers such an interesting look on a year. The fact I enjoy listening to albums as a complete work, this list seems to favor works by the Antlers, Washed Out,  Elbow, and PJ Harvey, which is fine, because those are great albums. It is important to note that this is not a list that measures quality, but rather quantity. But that is not to say that any of these songs are duds. As I wrote last year, credit goes to Edgar Wright. And now, without further ado, here are my top 100 tracks of 2011 by amounts of listens.


1. “Odd Soul” MUTEMATH Odd Soul

2. “French Exit” The Antlers Burst Apart

3. “Parentheses” The Antlers Burst Apart

4. “Eyes be Closed” Washed Out Within and Without

5. “I Don’t Want Love” The Antlers Burst Apart

6. “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out” The Antlers Burst Apart

7. “Echoes” Washed Out Within and Without

8. “Tiptoe” The Antlers Burst Apart

9. “Corsicana” The Antlers Burst Apart

10. “Putting the Dog to Sleep” The Antlers Burst Apart

11. “Amor Fati” Washed Out Within and Without

12. “A Dedication” Washed Out Within and Without

13. “Before” Washed Out Within and Without

14. “No Widows” The Antlers Burst Apart

15. “Within and Without” Washed Out Within and Without

16.”You and I” Washed Out Within and Without

17. “Neat Little Rows” Elbow build a rocket boys!

18. “Hounds” The Antlers Burst Apart

19. “Far Away” Washed Out Within and Without

20. “Midnight City” M83 Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

21. “Soft” Washed Out Within and Without

22. “The Birds” Elbow build a rocket boys!

23. “With Love” Elbow build a rocket boys!

24. “Lippy Kids” Elbow build a rocket boys!

25. “The River” Elbow build a rocket boys!

26. “Rolled Together” The Antlers Burst Apart

27. “Codex” Radiohead The King of Limbs

28. “Dear Friends” Elbow build a rocket boys!

29. “Jesus is a Rochdale Girl” Elbow build a rocket boys!

30.”Civilization” Justice Audio Video Disco

31. “The Night Will Always Win” Elbow build a rocket boys!

32. “Bloom” Radiohead The King of Limbs

33. “Open Arms” Elbow build a rocket boys!

34. “Morning Mr. Magpie” Radiohead The King of Limbs

35. “Lotus Flower” Radiohead The King of Limbs

36. “Dark Horses” Switchfoot Vice Verses

37. “The Birds (reprise)” Elbow build a rocket boys!

38. “Let England Shake” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

39. “Give Up the Ghost” Radiohead The King of Limbs

40. “High Ideals” Elbow build a rocket boys!

41. “Perth” Bon Iver Bon Iver

42. “Simple Math” Manchester Orchestra Simple Math

43. “Take Me Over” Cut Copy Zonoscope

44. “Wolves at the Door” David Bazan Strange Negotiations 

45. “Last Living Rose” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

46. “Need You Now” Cut Copy Zonoscope

47. “The Glorious Land” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

48. “The Words That Maketh Murder” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

49. “Bitter Branches” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

50. “Montezuma” Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues

51. “Feral” Radiohead The King of Limbs

52. “In the Dark Places” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

53. “On Battleship Hill” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

54. “Blood Pressure” Mute Math Odd Soul

55. “I Never Learnt to Share” James Blake James Blake

56. “Bedouin Dress” Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues

57. “Where I’m Going” Cut Copy Zonoscope

58. “All And Everyone” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

59. “England” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

60. “Hanging on a Wire” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

61. “Written on the Forehead” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

62. “April Fool” Manchester Orchestra Simple Math

63. “Silver Girl” Fictionist Fictionist EP

64. “Lonely Boy” The Black Keys El Camino

65. “Little By Little” Radiohead The King of Limbs

66. “Unluck” James Blake James Blake

67. “Helplessness Blues” Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues

68. “C’est la Mort” The Civil Wars Barton Hollow

69. “Hanging on to Every Heartbeat” Cut Copy Zonoscope

70. “Corner of the Sky” Cut Copy Zonoscope

71. “Give Me My Mouth” James Blake James Blake

72. “The Colour of the Earth” PJ Harvey Let England Shake

73. “The Wilhelm Scream” James Blake James Blake

74. “Separator” Radiohead The King of Limbs

75. “The Real Thing” Fictionist Fictionist EP

76. “Distraction” Fictionist Fictionist EP

77. “Pumped Up Kicks” Foster the People Torches

78. “Alisa” Cut Copy Zonoscope

79. “Pharaohs & Pyramids” Cut Copy Zonoscope

80. “Lindisfarne I” James Blake James Blake

81. “Lindisfarne II” James Blake James Blake

82. “Beginner’s Mind” Bright Eyes The People’s Key

83. “Try to Sleep” Low C’mon

84. “Apprehension” Manchester Orchestra Simple Math

85. “Great Escape” Fictionist Fictionist EP

86. “Swept Away” Fictionist Fictionist EP

87. “Cavalries” Mute Math Odd Soul

88. “Figure in the Fog” Fictionist Fictionist EP

89. “20 Years” The Civil Wars Barton Hollow

90. “Barton Hollow” The Civil Wars Barton Hollow

91. “Birds of a Feather” The Civil Wars Barton Hollow

92. “I Mind” James Blake James Blake

93. “Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution” Cut Copy Zonoscope

94. “Strange Nostalgia for the Future” Cut Copy Zonoscope

95. “Houdini” Foster the People Torches

96. “Pensacola” Manchester Orchestra Simple Math

97. “Think You Can Wait” The National Win Win Soundtrack

98. “Rising” Son Lux We are Rising

99. “Minnesota, WI” Bon Iver Bon Iver

100. “Holocene” Bon Iver Bon Iver

Happy New Year, my friends!

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