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Album Mondays

February 1, 2011

Oh, yeah!  We’re really building some steam now!  Alright!  Wait… what?

I wasn't the biggest fan of The Decemberists before. I mean, they had a few songs that I enjoyed, even some that I really liked, but not enough of either to make me listen to them all the time. This release, though, has completely sold me. Well done, Mr. Melloy. Well done. Highlight Tracks: "Don't Carry It All", "Down by the Water", "June Hymn"

This is another one of those completely-changed-my-life cd's. Maybe it's because they were the first local band I was really into in Phoenix. Maybe because they showed me how awesome folk and pop can come together in a rock package. Anyways, this cd's great. LISTEN TO IT. Highlight Tracks: "Wait, Wait, Wait", "I'm Ready, I Am", "On Your Porch"

A bit lighter to last week’s selections.  Maybe because the sun’s been out this week.  Who knows.  I actually almost put up Ryan Adams’ “Gold” instead of the I&L, but I do think this is a great combination.  I might be too summery.  Maybe I need some winter.  Perhaps, Mr. Vernon could lend us a hand next week…

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  1. April 13, 2011 6:41 PM

    I love that format album so much! It is a good example of something that can have such dark, intense, longing subject matter that is presented in a fun and catchy manner.
    Obviously The First Single is an anthem to live by. I will never get sick of that song!
    Keep it up!

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