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Album Update: Gorillaz – Plastic Beach

March 1, 2010

Dropping soon is the newest album by the British trip rock band Gorillaz entitled Plastic Beach (2010). While I am not exactly a huge fan of these guys, this band has always interested me. The idea of creating a virtual band to be the face of band in the music videos and the performance is a very risky move, but it is one that has paid off for sure: their previous album, Demon Days (2005), was a critically acclaimed and hugely successful album, ending up on many “Best of…” album lists and selling over 6 million copies. Their next album, five years since the last one, seeks to continue this success by containing some of the more infectiously danceable music that has been heard this year. Granted, while listening to this album I am reminded of another album that has been featured on this blog: Broken Bells (2010) by Broken Bells. Their similarities in sound are a little uncanny, but that isn’t to say that both albums are identical. While Broken Bells seeks to cater to those who are fans of The Shins looking for something new, Gorillaz have something entirely different in mind: fun, infectious music. Both of these new albums dropping within a week of each other is a coincidence, but I will be interested to hear if anyone else finds them similar.  There are a few stumbles in my opinion, one being the title track ‘Plastic Beach’. What is intended to be catchy and danceable instead comes off as one of the more annoying songs on the album. But this is just a mild complant for an album that is overall very enjoyable to listen to. Plastic Beach is a very confident and fun album; one that is very worthy of your hard earned money.

The album officially drops on March 9th, 2010 here in the States and is available for listen here.

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