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My Week in Music (1-12 to 1-18)

January 18, 2010

With a new week of school comes tons more music listening to opportunities. First up is White Rabbits, a band which I had a chance to see last month. It is now I wish that time travel was possible, so I can travel back in time and go again. I was able to buy both of their albums (Fort Nightly (2007) and It’s Frightening (2009)) recently and both are very enjoyable albums. I feel I would have appreciated their show better now that I know their songs, instead of just ‘Percussion Gun’ (which is a very good song). Blitzen Trapper‘s album Furr (2008) was a purchase that I made on a whim. And wow, this is a fantastic album! It is extremely fun, catchy, and downright enjoyable. One of my recent favorite albums for sure.

Brand New is an old favorite of mine. Their newest album Daisy (2009) was recently seen on this blog as what I consider to be the best album released last year. Sigur Ros has written what many consider to be some of the most beautiful music ever written and I am inclined to agree with them. Their second album, Ágætis byrjun (1999), is my personal favorite, as well as the album that I run to when sleeplessness strikes at night. Spoon, which is lent listens due to my anticipation for their new album, Transference (2010) which comes in the mail on Friday. That is what I am looking forward to next week. And lastly is the band known only by the word fun. Formed from the remnants of The Format, fun. continues the basic sound but makes it a little bit more, well, fun. Highly recommended.

So, how about you, dear reader? Anything you just cannot keep quiet any longer?

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