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My Week in Music (12-29 to 1-4)

January 4, 2010

This is the first post for the new year having to do with my week in music and it great to start out the year with some great music that I would like to recommend to you. Here we go!

This week was notable in that I revisited No Line on the Horizon (2009), U2‘s latest album. Initially I found it to be rather dull and unbecoming for such a great band, but a friend of mine encouraged me to give it another try. I still find it to be one of U2’s weaker entries, but the album itself isn’t that bad. The first song, ‘No Line on the Horizon’, is one of the better songs that the band has written, and, if anything, this album gets me excited to think about what U2 is going to do next. Five Iron Frenzy was a bit of a visit to my past; having not listened to them in some time. They are a ska/punk band with a great history of solid records. But they saved the best for last with The End is Near/The End is Here (2004), a worthy addition and send off. Their clever writing and great music share the spotlight on one of the better records I have ever heard (the best ska record at least) and the second disk (The End is Here) is an amazing gift of live music and love to their fans.

The Welcome Wagon impressed me from the start with their debut Welcome to the Welcome Wagon (2008). This Sufjan Stevens produced record clearly shows his hand and musical style, but it is only apparent in direction. The Welcome Wagon own this album completely, from the great cover songs (Danielson and The Smiths to name a few) to their original music. Great folky gospel music that harkens to the simpler times in life. As seen in my previous post, Matt & Kim released one of the best records of the year in Grand (2009). It is such a fun listen that is very difficult to put down, and I highly recommend it. Anberlin‘s The New Surrender (2008) can’t seem to eject itself from my car’s stereo or get out of my ears, which is a testament to a record that was made to solidify their status on a major label (it is their major label debut). And drawing up the rear is Future of Forestry, a local San Diego band. Their brand of ‘experimental’ Christian music has always been a benchmark for the genre. I always look forward to what Eric Owyoung and Co. dream up and release. Even if listening to religious music doesn’t seem like a good idea, you should still give Future of Forestry a try. Fantastic music.

So, how was your New Year’s festivities? Any concerts attended or albums listened to that you want to shout out? Looking forward to your feedback, dear reader.

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  1. January 5, 2010 12:28 AM

    sorry, i’ll have to disagree with you about the album choice for five iron.

    there best album by far was live: proof that the youth are revolting.

    i’m a die-hard five iron fan and i was thoroughly disappointed with their “good-bye combo album.”

    also, in case you were wondering, they are about to release music videos that have never been seen before, even though they’re still not a band. =]

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