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Introducing Clifton Gibbons

January 3, 2010

A few years ago, I randomly stumbled upon a song by Clifton Gibbons.
It was a cover of the song “Somebody’s Baby” by Jon Foreman. Upon realizing that the fantastic Mr. Gibbons was not, in fact, a massively famous nationally renowned musician (not saying he won’t be massively famous one day), I contacted him and he and I began talking, and he shared some of his music projects with me.
He is from Virgina, and he is a very talented and creative artist. He has recorded many songs since the Jon Forman cover (including a few switchfoot covers).
We present them to you and encourage you to give them a listen:
Also, his present musical indie-rock project is The Banduras Check them out here:

Also, upon founding this site, I spoke with Clifton about Friend of Mine, and he offered to write a few posts for us all.
So, hopefully from now on, Clifton will be a guest writer and write about music, thus further adding to our lovely discussion. This is the most exciting news to happen to Friend of Mine since I made a new banner! Hooray!

This is especially exciting for me, because Eric and I listen to very similar music, and having an new writer allows us to have a fresh perspective and hear about music that both of us would otherwise be unaware of.

We will further discuss Clifton and his music soon! But for now, Enjoy his favourites from 2009.

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