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My Week in Music (first week of December)

December 9, 2009

Initially I was very reluctant to get a page because I felt that it was just some big hipster contest to let you show off how cool you are to everyone else.
But Eric convinced me to get one, and it actually turned out to be quite amazing!

Now I have statistical data on the music I have and I love and listen to in a nifty format that I can share. It’s not a cool contest, because I’m not out there to impress anyone anyway.

Allow me to share the data for this week:

What a good week!

Just a note: this is not an accurate representation of how much I have actually listened to these songs at all! All of these plays could easily be quadrupled. I mostly listen to CDs or my iPod, and I haven’t plugged my iPod in this week to sync everything, so I guess keep that in mind.

First artist is The National, which I sort of consider a guilty pleasure. They are really too much for me to recommend to everyone. The only reason I ever started listening to them is because Eric told me that Sufjan Stevens played piano on their newest record, Boxer. Which he did and it is lovely.
The National are musically great, but it takes a certain mood and mindset to really know what is being said with their music.
Also I told myself I would stop listening to them for a little while, but then it rained and I found out that The National is absolutely perfect rainy day music.

Next is Vampire Weekend who I have grown increasingly fond of day by day since I bought their (presently recommended by us) self titled album.
I am excited to see them this weekend along with Phoenix, Manchester Orchestra, Spoon, and White Rabbits.
The more I listen to each of these artists, the less I can decide on who I am most excited to see. All are great, all I recommend.

Next is Jònsi, whom I posted of here.
If you get the song you will have it on repeat as well, I promise you.

Next is fun. who are pretty much ( the now extinct) The Format minus Sam (and plus a few others), and way more fun.
Their album, Aim and Ignite, is definitely one of the best of the year. Give it a listen and I promise that you will enjoy yourself at least a little bit.

Mew is also a really fun artist I listened to a lot this week. I don’t know why. They are just very interesting and make me feel good. Maybe we can elaborate later.

Animal Collective is (sadly) only there this week because I had to write a paper one of their songs for my music class. Sorry guys.

Last (on this list but not in reality) is Fanfarlo, which I highly, highly recommend.
Their album might be my favourite. Ever. It is definitely grappling for first place on my best of 2009 list.
It really has everything I could ever ask for in an album. I love it.
More to come about this later. Promise.

I hope your week has gone well!

Let us know what you think, and what you have been listening to!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 10, 2009 10:23 PM

    ha! it grew on you! yay!

    it’s funny you edited your little info thing to say ‘hella’ instead. before your sarcasm was dripping so much it shorted out my computer.

  2. December 10, 2009 10:54 PM

    If only I knew what you were talking about.


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