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November 30, 2009

Author’s Note: I posted this at the beginning of 2009, and a friend thought it relevant to post again. So here it is.

Recently, as of 2009, I have been able to expand my music collection exponentially more than I did last year. I don’t know what it was, but last year was a year to stick with the sure winners, the music that I already listened to, the artists i already am familiar with. Notable expansions were the Jon Foreman EPs (2007-2008), the new Sigur Ros album (Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (2008)), and the new Lovedrug album (The Sucker Punch Show (2008)). I love all of these bands, and each of these records were what I have come to expect from them (especially the Jon Foreman stuff and Sigur Ros… in my opinion they released their best stuff last year). But this year I have decided to take risks. Not saying that this is my new year’s resolution in any way, shape or form, but just something that has come around. The bands I have stumbled across in this enlightenment have been The Raconteurs (and essentially, The White Stripes), Animal Collective, R.E.M., The National, and Elbow. And I have a feeling that these are some of the best bands I have come across in recent years. Mainly I am proud of the selection, which I feel is really broad, kind of. I say kind of because is there any hip-hop here? Any country? Not really. For years I have said that I have no real musical preference. I was wrong. I love alternative music. whether it is alternative rock, alternative pop, alternative rap, alternative anything. I don’t know what it is about alternative music (or why this music is labeled alternative…) but I like it. But, the purpose of all of this is to do a shout out, which is what I do when i feel I have stumbled across some gold that not a lot of people are aware of. I have done this once before, with The New Frontiers, which is still one of the best albums (Mending (2008)) I have ever heard. But this time, I would like to spotlight a band that is exceptional, yet has received little credit for their work till this year. The band is Elbow, and the album is The Seldom Seen Kid (2008).
This album is one of the better albums I have heard in my lifetime. You may have heard one of its singles “Grounds for Divorce” in the trailer for the movie Burn After Reading, the trailer for the game Left 4 Dead, or the trailer for the new season of Top Gear. I will be honest in saying, while the song is amazing, it is not the best song on the album. The lead singer of this band has one of the more unique voices in the music industry, and you will come to love him for it. He has had many times in the past to conform to the music industry’s standards, even with the failure of the album before this one, and he hasn’t. And it is one of the things that lend this album the most strength. It is the story telling of the vocals, along with the soothing (mostly*), toned down (mostly*) music that is on the album. I strongly recommend this album to people of all ages, races, and creeds. This is what I call art.

*See “Grounds for Divorce”

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  1. January 6, 2010 5:36 PM

    that cool

  2. October 31, 2010 12:37 AM

    i’m quite sick of listening to pop songs like lady gaga that is why i shifted to alternative music “

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